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DayOne - Retreat

The DayOne Residential Retreat is a 5 day adjustment programme tailored to those who face the challenging transition to single life after the end of a romantic relationship, or those struggling with what life might look like, or who they would be, if they leave.

Relationship endings trigger grief, and grief needs time to process. Trauma needs to be cared for. Ultimately the best person to care for you whilst life takes you down this path is you.

Change, fear of the future, being alone, and the trauma triggered after a break-up or loss can leave us vulnerable and reaching for any comforter we can grab hold of. We may find ourselves in the arms of another before we ask our self if it is what we really want.

In deep, long term relationships we can lose our self and our identity living through another. When the relationship comes to an end, we can feel lost.

What can I expect?

The DayOne programme helps you begin to understand the historic relationships you’ve had with others, and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself and that of your forward journey in life.

If we can begin to trust and like ourselves then the relationship with our self becomes healthy, unconditional and independent. Discovering your own core of emotional inner strength leads to the revelation that you can live a meaningful life alone. Only when you are content with yourself can you make the best choices in future relationships.

If this is possible then perhaps it is wholly achievable to enjoy one’s own company, find out who we are, and what we really want.

Our adjustment programme helps you embrace change in a positive light and start a new beginning, with the support of others embarking on their journey alongside you.

If we can be our own champion then co-dependence can’t exist.

If we can be our own champion then finding our self in the arms of another, like a leaf in the wind, doesn’t have to happen.

If we can be our own champion then being alone is life without fear and doesn’t feel shameful.

If we can be our own champion then we can begin the first chapter of our new book with confidence. We can embrace and welcome the change ahead and create the journey exactly how we like it.

What is included?

A personalised 5 day workshop and UK residential retreat designed to help recovery from separation or divorce.

Cost for the full 5 day residential in West Sussex, fully inclusive is £1750.00.

To find out more please do get in touch:

or call us on or 07970 637 908

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