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Group Therapy

Promoting Psychological Resilience
& Positivity while living a
Complex and Stressful life.

Access to Counselling and Psychotherapy
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Become mindful and resilient

Group Therapy and Therapeutic Support Groups

Talking Treatment runs a number of different Therapeutic Support Groups. These are designed to offer weekly therapeutic support or psychoeducational CBT strategies and learning tools. Groups normally run for 6-12 weeks.

Group therapy is designed to support you through a difficult time in life. A group provides a support network in which you can feel understood. Group therapy helps you manage binds and conflicts and facilitates clearer thinking and decision-making. Being in a group puts you in contact with people who have problems similar to your own.

You can learn from their experiences and coping strategies, and see your problems from other peoples’ perspectives. Research has shown that interacting and building trusting and supportive relationships is a major a factor in overcoming negative experiences.

Trained therapists maintain a safe, supportive and confidential environment. Non-judgement is a crucial element, allowing individuals to deal with feelings and issues that arise. Feedback from others produces a reflective process and allows for unhelpful patterns in one’s life to become apparent. As confidence is gained in this secure group setting, there are opportunities for authenticity and self expression which can lead to improved psychological and emotional wellbeing. The daily difficulties in life can become more clearly understood and managed with support and a clearer perspective.

Often someone may join a group after individual therapy so as to develop continued support, or may start in a stress management group, and then wish to explore some of the themes that have come up in one to one. Talking Treatment helps you take the course that suits you.

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Stress Management Therapeutic Support Group

Stress Management Therapeutic Support Group

In this group you can learn about:

  • What stress is, how and why it develops
  • Learn about the impact stress has on your health and how to influence the chemicals in your brain – naturally
  • Improve your understanding of how to manage stress effectively, learn effective stress management skills using CBT and mindfulness.
  • Discover how to make friends with your emotions, rather than have them work against you.
  • Feel grateful you are not alone; knowing other people facing similar feelings can be a welcome comfort.
Anger Management Therapeutic Support Group

Anger Management Therapeutic Support Group

In this group you can learn about:

  • What is anger
  • Learn what makes you angry and the impact and consequences you anger has on your life, begin to understand emotional behaviour.
  • Acquire self help tools and strategies to manage your anger, including CBT and mindfulness
  • Share and feel supported by other people who face similar issues to you.
Relationship crisis

Relationship Crisis

This group is less educational and more supportive to people experiencing relationship problems, whether it is spouses, parents, children, colleagues or friends.

All members are each experiencing difficult times in their life. Some may be divorcing; others are facing life without the kids now they are grown up. Often change like this can feel challenging, upsetting and often lonely. Group members support each other in making steps forward in their lives.

Post natal depression

Post Natal Depression Support Group

Our post natal depression support group is for mothers who believe they are struggling with anxiety or depressive symptoms.

The group is a great place for mothers to meet others with similar feelings and to explore positive ways of managing these.

Please enquire if you are interested in joining our waiting list.

To find out more email
or call us on 07970 637 908