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Promoting Psychological Resilience
& Positivity while living a
Complex and Stressful life.

Access to Counselling and Psychotherapy
in a Modern World

Become mindful and resilient

Talking Treatment provides the following:



Face to Face Therapy

Online Therapy

Walking Therapy

Support Groups

Adolescent Counselling



DayOne a 5 Day Residential Adjustment Retreat

We are based in South West London

There has been much stigma here in the UK around mental health issues – strange really, as we will happily spend hours in the gym and on special diets, in order to care for our bodies and physical health! So, why not our psychological well being?

Recent breakthroughs in neuro-science inform us that physical changes take place in the brain when we are emotionally or psychologically distressed. The mind/body relationship is more central to our lives today than ever before.

At Talking Treatment we realise how difficult it can be to decide which "therapy" you need– a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack!

At Talking Treatment, we help you find the therapy that’s right for you, tailoring the approach to fit you and your circumstances.

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Counselling / Psychotherapy One to One Therapy

Are aspects of your life causing you
distress or anxiety?

At Talking Treatment Therapy we have people you can talk to who are trained to listen; who can help you make sense of the feelings you are experiencing and enable you to manage your crisis.

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Group Therapy and Therapeutic Support Groups

A range of programmes are

Talking Treatment runs a number of different Therapeutic Support Groups designed to offer weekly therapeutic support or psychoeducational CBT strategies and learning tools.

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DayOne Programme and Retreat

Discover our workshops and personal development programmes

The DayOne Residential Retreat is a 5 day adjustment programme tailored to those who face the challenging transition to single life after the end of a romantic relationship, or those struggling with what life might look like, or who they would be, if they leave.

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